Fields of Research

Center of Basic Molecular Science aims at performing fundamental and creative interdisciplinary research, including chemical bond energy, creation of new structure and functionality, and molecular-molecular interaction in complex biological systems.


Currently CBMS focuses on the following research fields:

1. Physical Organic Chemistry

Chemical bond energetics and structure-bonding energy relationship
Solvation effect in ionic solvents
General principles in the activation of innert chemical bonds
Mechanism of proton-coupled electron transfer reactions

Research groups: Prof. Jin-Pei Cheng and Assoc. Prof. Ming-Tian Zhang

2. Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Rational design of new reactions, methodologies, reagents, and catalysts
Mechanistic study of new and important organic transformations
Total synthesis of complex natural products

Research groups: Assoc. Prof. Lei Jiao, Assoc. Prof. Bi-Jie Li, and Assoc. Prof. Qiang Liu

3. Chemical Biology

Quantative studies on the interactions between small organic molecules and biomacromolecules
New methods and theories for tuning chemical processes in biosystems
Biochemistry and medicinal chemistry of EV71 virus
Bioorthogonal reactions
Toll-like reciptor based drug discovery
Biophysic and biochemical studies on membrane proteins

Research groups: Prof. Zheng Yin and Prof. Hang Yin

4. Energy Science

Conversion of solar energy
Artificial photosynthesis
Catalyst design for water oxidation and related mechanistic studies
Photo/electro-catalysis for the reduction of carbon dioxide and proton

Research groups: Assoc. Prof. Ming-Tian Zhang